Thursday, March 29, 2012

Italian Food Market in Stourport on Saturday

Is everyone looking forward to the big Italian Food Market being held in the Civic Centre carpark in Stourport on Saturday?

What do you mean what Italian Food Market? There's been at least three bright yellow signs up in Stourport one at the old Lloyds building as you leave town; one at the Lion Hill end of York Street as you enter; and one right next to the bus-stop in High Street; not to mention the A4 flyers up in shop windows.

Sure it doesn't feature on Wyre Forest's own events calendar; nor the Shuttle's version. However at least the Shuttle mentioned it yesterday and it made page 5 of the print version. Yeah I mean so what if the thing most people are likely to both a) want to attend and b) be able to attend gets only a three line paragraph amongst the Cabaret review, Co-op advertising and back-slapping at least it's there.

Kudos to the Stourport Town site as it's been up there for at least two weeks; minor faulting to the Civic Centre as they still haven't listed exactly what time it starts and finishes (9am-4pm according to the Shuttle).

I'm expecting to take a wander down there, but if I hadn't happened to have a long clear space in front of me as I drove down Lion Hill I wouldn't even have known about it.

[Update - At least they've informed the most important online news service]


Tav said...

"Update - At least they've informed the most important online news service"


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