Thursday, March 29, 2012

Petrol Panic!

Okay I want all my readers to read this carefully and think through all the implications then ignore everything and drive like a maniac to your nearest petrol station and fill your tank to the very brink; then do the same for any jerry-cans you've got and hey you got a bath - strap it to your roof and fill that too.

The Esso station on Vale Road this morning was full and starting to queue; the Total was surprisingly quiet. I've just been informed that the Habberley Service Station has just run out; though seeing as there is currently no strike I'd expect more to be on its way soon.

Annoyingly these things always seem to happen when I genuinely need to get some petrol. At the beginning of the week I had [wobbles hand] just enough to get me through to the weekend; however with all the joyous queuing I thought I'd play safe and might as well top it up. I'm just amazed that I managed to beat the panic by a whole two days.

It has been noted by a colleague that if everyone does panic buy now should a strike actually occur the majority won't notice because they won't need any fuel. Does that mean that this was a cunning plan on the part of the government?