Friday, March 09, 2012

The new Tesco traffic light system

It took a while thanks to the new planning portal not displaying links or giving names of documents (Hey 12+ documents all called "Additional Plans" easy to keep track of where you are), but I've finally found the document that seems to be the blueprint of the traffic light system going up in Mitton Street.

And here it is in all it's PDF'ed glory tucked away in the middle of application 08/1053

So not only the "Controlled Pedestrian Crossings" at the big splitter; but the "Controlled Traffic with Pedestrian Crossing Facilities" too. But take a look at the exit from Severn Road and note the dotted lines that indicate parking bays. For a major egress isn't that bay damn close to the splitter? Imagine one of the long buses trying to negotiate that. For double the fun imagine what would happen it there was a bus parked in each of the two bays.

Digging further the decision date is listed as being the 22nd October 2009, but this was decided at a special planning meeting held on the 6th August 2009 with the minutes being viewable here. What I found interesting in reading these minutes is in what isn't mentioned. Remember this is the only document I can find that shows these new pedestrian links.

Points 3 and 4 list the 106 agreements

Contribution to improve pedestrian linkage to the Town Centre utilising Lodge Road of £30,000
Except these linkages don't use Lodge Road, none of them do
Contribution of £50,000 to improve junctions along the route of the enhanced bus services and/or otherwise affected by traffic impact from the development which may include (but not be restricted to) the junction of York Street/Bridge Street/High Street/New Street
No mention of pedestrian work on these junctions simply 'improvements'. The closest we get is a mention is on page 11 under "Pedestrian Linkage/Connectivity to the Centre" where
A new pedestrian link between the residential development on the west bank of the Stour to the site, and the town centre beyond, is a clear benefit
Except are they talking about the supposed Lodge Road linkage rather than the Mitton Street one? Either way no mention is made of the impact to traffic this will have oh wait sorry -

and the provision of the new road link, which will improve traffic flows and conditions in the town
Well yes putting in a additional method to get across to town will help I won't argue that; except all the benefits will disappear as soon as the lights go in.

It's just a joke how this has been handled.


Anonymous said...

Having just had a walk through the roadworks along Severn Road I noticed:

1.not the slightest sign of any building work taking place on the cleared store site, and

2. The big signs saying "Tesco coming soon" have all been removed.

Is this project going ahead? Or have Tesco changed their mind and now want to develop their existing site along Tan Lane in place of the closed school?

FlipC said...

Over at the WFA Fran has stated that the Tan Lane site won't be made available to them; and they are paying for all these works.

From memory either they can't start building work until the improvements are in place or they can't open until they are; either way I wouldn't expect to see any building work being done yet. Perhaps the signs have been removed while they're working at that bit?