Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Mitton Street traffic lights

As a taste of things to come the Tesco workcrew shutdown the exit lane from Severn Road yesterday. To allow traffic out along the 'wrong' lane Mitton Street traffic needed to be filtered and so a set of traffic lights were set up.

Of course only one traffic light was needed at each end as Mitton Street is still down to one lane from Worcester Road to Lion Hill despite the fact that they're still not doing anything to either the road or pavement that justifies such measures.

Therefore the flow of traffic from Worcester Road went something like this:

Traffic from Worcester Road can only turn left at the island when there is no traffic from Hartlebury Road.
When there is no traffic from Hartlebury Road traffic can only turn left when the traffic from Mitton Street has cleared.
The traffic from Mitton Street can only clear when there is no traffic from Gilgal.
When there is no traffic from Gilgal the Mitton Street traffic can only move when the lights are on green.

In other words turning left requires a rough conjunction of four events. Half an hour last night to drive one mile and these lights are set to become permanent.