Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Energy companies - just reading the script

A phone call from an energy provider (not ours)

Me: "Hello [company name]"
Girl: "Hello is that [company name]?"
"Yes it is how can I help you"
"This is [energy company] I'm contacting you with regard to energy usage by [company] at [unit]"
"Ah yes they'll be leaving at the end of the month"
"So are you going to take responsibility for the energy usage"
"Well we're the landlords"
"Yes I know you're the landlords, that's why we're calling you"
"Well yes we're the landlords what other choice do we have? Can we say no and not have to pay anything?"
"Yes you can; but then we'd disconnect you"
"So we don't really have a choice... okay I 'll suppose we'll have to work out a landlord's rate and only pay for electricity used"
"No you'd have to pay the standing charge too"
"No a landlord's rate where you pay a higher rate for electricity, but no standing charge"
"I don't know if we do that"
"That's okay I know [rival company] does we'll just switch to them"
"Well I don't know about rates that'd be the sales team; I'm from the [team] that's all I deal with"
"You don't think that given your sole job is to contact people in this situation that it might be worth finding out if you do a rate that only applies to the situation about which you are calling?"
"I don't do rates that'd be the sales team"

Marvellous. Seriously why is this person there; you could do this with an automated system... "Hi this is [energy company] calling you about [robotic voice - location] if this applies to you press 1 now...." and then pass on the details to the sales team.