Thursday, March 01, 2012

Nokia C6-01 lost outdoor profile

A colleague brought me their phone (a Nokia C6-01) and stated they had a problem with it and perhaps I could assist. After an update they'd found they'd lost one of the profiles one labelled Outdoor that increased the ring volume automatically.

I checked the menu system quickly and found no such profile; I checked online and found no-one else complaining - so I headed to Nokia's own site and started digging.

If you try searching with the right parameters something interesting occurs. My first discovery was the South African web page that didn't list an Outdoor profile; however Google had it found with that search term? Pulling up their cached version gave me the reason why. The top version is cached, the bottom current:

It gets better - I located the current version of the manual at v3.0 and then a previous one at v2.0; changes in layout mean profiles appear on page 30 of the new version and page 32 of the old. As on the web page "Change your profile for meetings or outdoor use" has dropped the outdoor part in the newer version.

So Nokia have removed a profile as part of the system update and then removed every reference to it in the new guides without telling anyone. I wonder how many people are scratching their heads and insisting that it used to be there?


Orphi said...

Heh, yeah, like nobody would ever do that. ;-)

Incidentally, I have a new phone. A Nokia C3-01. Mainly because my old one was becoming unusable. Of course, now I have to spend ages figuring out how to turn off predictive text, set the ringtone back to a ringing sound, turn off Bluetooth, and so on. This particular phone seems to be under the delusion that it can somehow access the Internet; I've yet to discover how to completely disable this misfeature…

FlipC said...

But the C3-01 can access the internet; it's got both 3.5G and Wi-Fi.

My positively ancient mobile is having problems with charging; I've narrowed it down to either the battery; the connection; or the charger :-P

Looking at the Orange Monte Carlo, but not found an Orange Shop that has one actually up and running to play with.