Monday, June 27, 2011

Turn right day

From the Shuttle we sadly get another attack the symptom not the cause letter. This time it's about the Worcester Road/ Hartlebury Road island and those who choose to use the right-hand lane from Worcester Road to turn left thereby jumping the queue.

No I don't like it either, but despite some of the comments there's nothing illegal about it; moreover due to the presence of OGL it would be next to impossible for any of their workers to exit cross the exit lane, cross the right-turn lane and somehow manage to get into the left-turn lane due to the sheer volume of traffic; which is the big reason why this action is so often taken.

So why is there so much traffic queueing? [sigh] yes it's my hobby horse again - it's the whole Gilgal/Mitton Street/Worcester Road debacle. There's no point getting upset about those jumping the queue when there shouldn't be a queue in the first place.  So how do we get it solved - gum up the works.

What would happen if everyone turned right to turn left at this exit? It would stop traffic from both the Gilgal end and Hartlebury Road exit from entering the island. Once it started all it would take is one of these cars already on the island to let out one car from Worcester Road provided it can join the end of the circle queue and not block the traffic through to Mitton Street.

It may seem petty and completely unfair on the traffic from Hartlebury Road, but this does seem the only way to point out this flaw in the road network system before Tesco appears on the horizon.

The required alterations as I see them are as follows:

  1. Lowering the height of the OGL island so traffic on the island can be seen.
  2. Merger of the two exit lanes from Worcester Road and widening the entrance lane to where it was before it was re-laid.
  3. Extension of the three splitter triangles so that traffic can't cross straight from one lane to another on the curve, but are forced into a straight on approach.
  4. A red tarmac slowdown on the approach into Gilgal from Minster Road and the same on the turn from Gilgal into Mitton Street.

These things need to be done now before the added traffic from Tesco and the British Sugar redevelopment get started.

Who's with me?