Monday, June 20, 2011

Major's school

As previously mentioned I was with Major I got him out of the house to show me his school. Not that I was that interested in a building, but it gets both of them away from their consoles and gives my aunt and uncle a short break while they can entertain the 'adults' :-) Also a benefit that I'm the only one who can get Major out the house at all for a walk (again I do well with kids; it's quite the irritation).
His school isn't far away but the most direct route just leads to a gate so we headed up the public path further along. Mind the barbed wire! Seriously if it were dark I could have easily walked into eye-height level barbed wire hanging over the path. Anyway "Oo alleyways; I like alleyways" I said and I do near where I was raised was a a double set of alleys with junctions always quiet, tidy, with high sides shutting off the houses. I and my friends used to play in them very often and I've always liked such as well as mazes.

Minor, however, retorted with "I don't like alleyways"
"Why not?"
"I don't like dead-ends"
Hmm something to draw out at a later date methinks. Besides if this narrow, dirty, smelly alleyway is his only encounter with such I can't blame him.

Through an offshoot of houses and up to the main road where we have to cross over, then walk up, then cross back over to the school. I look at the grass verge that's too steep for us to walk on that runs on our current side of the road and the hedge that dissuades any from attempting it.
"No-one thought to make the verge wider then?" I asked
"No you have to cross over" replied Major
"So anyone walking here from that side of the town needs to stick to that [opposite] side of the road?"
"Yeah or walk back the way we came to get in through that [second] gate which is further"

We reach the school and cross over to zero footpaths. It's all entrance way, steep grass and high kerbs.
"So having walked along this path we now have to cross directly into the driveway" I stated
"Yeah it's stupid isn't it"
I looked at the "Please do not park on the grass" signs then once again at the high kerbs, steep grass slopes and bollards
"Who's going to try to park on the grass?" I asked
"You don't know some of our teachers" Major cheekily responded.
I walked up to the front door to read some of the notices. Minor charged ahead and rattled the doors fiercely I held my breath as I waited for alarms to sound and with no change let it out with a sharp "Don't!"

On the doors a list of students was on display celebrating their academic achievements it was the year Major was in.
"Are these the previous year's results?" I asked
"Um" said Major and counts back. "Two years ago"
"And they're still up? I guess the next incoming year's weren't so good"
Major laughed

Okay a little rambling I admit, but the main points were. A public alleyway used as a route to school that's overgrown, barbed wired and with dog mess down the edges. A school that seems disinclined for pedestrians to access its main entrance and one that still has up results from two years ago. Hmmm?