Monday, June 06, 2011

HDMI Cable

Sunday night I fired up my blu-ray player; the TV switched to the correct input and displayed.... nothing. It's done this before usually the cable's been jiggled; unplugging and re-plugging normally does the trick. Not this time though. Much swearing as I grope my way around the back of the television and the teeny-tiny HDMI socket; still nothing.

I remove the cable and try it the other way around; yeah sounds daft but you'll be surprised how often that works. Still nothing. I take out the cable and look at the connectors to make sure nothings got stuck in them... one of the damn pins is missing. Pin 19 on the diagram. Except that's the Hot Plug or HEC channel; if that's gone why can my TV still detect and switch over? [Update - Tcch I was thinking upside down it was Pin 2]

Oh well nothing else for it, but to pick up another cable. Just annoying because, as I've said, it's been acting up before and I've no idea if the cable has always been faulty or somehow been damaged by me.

[Update - and it works fine so far; in fact as I have two I'm tempted to switch one out for the PS3 connection that occasionally blanks out for a second; although saying that at least the picture always returns]