Friday, June 17, 2011

Paper woes 2

As mentioned I needed to print on some thickish paper and couldn't find any suitable material with the magic "Canon" brand stamped on it. DECAdry hopefully to the rescue.

They arrived and after running proofs I've printed them off. A4 200g/m2 white postcards with perforations to split them into four A6 'postcards' they have a brilliant matte white finish, almost dazzlingly white. I was concerned over how they'd feed through the printer would they tear along the short edge perforation as they fed through? No they did not. Multiple sheets zipped through the rear-feed with no problems; I suspect if they'd gone through the U-feed cassette they might have torn, but even then maybe not.

Once printed they were dry very quickly and I set to carefully tearing them apart. I needn't really have bothered with the careful part. If you try to tear them along the perforations flat they're quite tough; however fold them (very easily too I might mention) and then tear and they practically float apart. Why can't any other tear-apart forms be like this?

Definitely a product that's going on my re-use list should I require anything similar in the future.

And no I'm not being paid or sponsored by them; it's just nice to find exactly what you want that works exactly the way it should.