Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Playstation 3 clock

I mentioned back in October needing my fix when my original PS3 went Yellow Light of Death on me and thus dragging out my old original PS2. I related there how surprised I was that over 3 years powered down the internal clock had only gained ten minutes.

I came to update my parent's PS3 and to try to tempt them with the freebies on offer from the Welcome back package. Whilst doing so I noted the system clock 8:52 as it was 8:20 that's a touch fast. I headed through to Settings|Date and Time and reset it via the internet... 7:21. Um? Yep still set up for GMT not BST. That means since I last set it up just over two months ago it's gained an hour and a half!

Although the time difference was surprising the fact that it gained time wasn't. My own gains about a minute every couple of days and needs constantly resetting and no there's no auto-check available that it will run on start-up and connection to the internet.

Given my original PS3 didn't suffer from this nor my original PS2 what sort of cheaparse timer has Sony replaced the original chip with?