Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Traffic holdup

Left the house this morning and joined the queue. It's been a while and I was curious as to which of the many, many reasons could be causing it today. A van outside Drinkers World opposite the parking bays? Unloading opposite the bus bay while a bus was stopped half way out of it? The Bewdley bridge being closed and sending traffic through town? Roadworks in Kidderminster sending more traffic down Minster Road?

Turned out to be the old Shell Garage where they're building the sheltered accommodation - they'd closed off the first half of the left-most lane of Vale Road. That meant that as well as being blocked by all the traffic from town wanting to join the right-most queue to enter Gilgal, the road was also being blocked by those wanting to continue straight on.

Because shutting down this major route first thing during the morning rush is most logical thing to do!