Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Naomi and Cadbury's

Still stuck in the news is the advert from Cadbury's - 'it's racist' said the model Naomi Campbell. For those who've yet to see the advert in question it's a picture of a Cadbury's Dairy Milk Bliss bar with the caption "Move over Naomi, there's a new diva in town.".

So Naomi registers shock about being "described as chocolate", but presumably she's fine with being called a diva?

An item on the Independent agreed that it was racist and moved that was so bad was not that it was racist, but that Cadbury's didn't even see what was wrong with it. Well I'm joining Cadbury's the only reason I can see this as racist is because I've been told it is. I don't think of Naomi Campbell as being black I think of the newspaper articles where she allegedly throws things at her staff; you know behaving like a 'diva'.

Also how breathtakingly arrogant that Campbell assumes that this is referring to her; why not WWE Diva - Naomi; or 90210's Diva Naomi Clark. Well okay probably is referring to her, but still.

So is this really racist or are some* people just seeing what they want to see?

* and when I say some I don't just mean people affected, but those up in arms 'on their behalf' even when those they're supposedly acting for aren't bothered.


walkerno5 said...

I don't think it was racist, but I do think it was pretty careless to imagine that Naomi Campbell might not take enormous offence to anything referring to her without making her tons of money.

FlipC said...

Sounds about right. It's just so darn silly that it's dragged in so many groups and so many otherwise worthy (non-worthy) newspapers are all agreeing with her.

I wonder if she would have had the same reaction if it had been an advert for white chocolate?