Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A lack of communication from the bank

As mentioned my computer she go phut and I've been busy reinstalling all the software I need back on to it. Everything works except the VPN software I need to access the bank.Now I've already complained about the ancient bit of software the bank was making us use, how it would mess with XP's routing tables and lock out any other bit of software using the network and even bring down the router on occasion. I did manage to get it running on Vista despite the lack of instructions when I obtained my laptop, but this time it just didn't want to behave failing to create a socket.

I tried disabling the firewall, resetting winsock, running various compatibility modes - nothing. So I rang tech support.

"How urgently do you need to make payments?" I was asked
"Not desperate, middle of next month by the latest" I replied
"Oh that's good. We don't use [software] any more as it's a bit outdated I'll send you out the forms so you can apply for [the new method]"

Yeah we've only been using it for a year with various problems necessitating calls to them and no-one thought to offer us this new system. Gotta love them.