Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson alive?

Reports from literally no fans today insist that the singer is not dead. One avid fan who trailed the ambulance to the hospital stated "I was there when the announced his death, but just before that I saw someone coming out the back of the hospital wearing a surgical mask. I think that says all it has to".

Another stated that Jackson had gone to live with Elvis, one that a flashing spacecraft came to collect him from his residence, while another claimed that a "man with some sort of flute" turned up on Jackson's doorstep and invited him to a land of fun, laughter and lots of young children "and who wouldn't agree to that" said the greasy middle-aged man shiftily eyeing up a sobbing pre-pubescent fan.

These rumours struck chaos into a recent award ceremony where hundreds of stars who wouldn't have been caught dead within 10ft of the star when living had turned up to proclaim how much they adored him now he was dead. "S***!", exclaimed one star upon hearing the rumour. "Are you sure? Damn I only dedicated this award to him because I knew it would make all the papers."

Other reports state that Jackson's three children are now living with Michael's parents and everyone at this blog is certain that they'll be treated as well and in the same manner as Michael was as a child.


Orphi said...

Fiction… Reality… Reality… Fiction… They're both so similar. Even the same number of letters. o_O

FlipC said...

Reality - Fiction = "Ldbh ek" makes you think eh? ;-)

Worryingly I'll bet if I did some searching I would've have been able to find actual quotes rather than aetheric ones.