Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Faith 'n' begorrah 'tis St. Patrick's Day today and as usual the biggest celebrants are those who don't even live in Ireland - the Americans. Yep today towns and cities across the USA will be bedecked in the traditional colour associated with the Saint; a deep blue.

Blue bunting will be hung across the streets, people dressed in blue will parade under them, rivers will be turned blue, and beer will be dyed to match.

Hmm my colour sense must be going wonky, it seems everything has turned green. Oh of course silly me the Americans aren't celebrating St. Patrick's Day they're celebrating Irish Pride Day the green now makes sense. Oh and I've just heard that as a special treat just for this year the New York parade will feature some fine, proud, upstanding Irishmen dressed in balaclavas who will 'pretend' to shoot some of the cops stationed alongside them - ah what jolly japes.