Monday, March 16, 2009

Business masterclass

Weekend post a shiny silver see-through envelope "When it comes to business, we could all learn a thing or two from Frank"; on the back "Frank's business masterclass"

The envelope is folded over the top with a resealable strip, so I simple peel it open. I can't get the contents out. They're pushed right down to the bottom of the envelope so I've nothing to grip; said contents are also the same width as the envelope so I can't pinch it open. The envelope is also too tough to tear and scissors might damage the contents.

In the end I manage to get a nail at the bottom and slowly push the contents up so I grip the envelope and yank them out.

It's a booklet from a company called Vecta Sales Solutions Ltd with pithy comments from "Frank" and a sales translation from Vecta. Okay business masterclass 101 check your recipients can get your sales literature out of its envelope.