Friday, March 20, 2009

Google Street View

Google's Street View had an airing on Breakfast this morning with the old privacy concerns being cited. I had a quick tour around Birmingham and near the Bull Ring found an unblurred face. This was a profile of a driver so easy to miss; so I hit the "Report a Concern" link bottom left of the image and a new tab opened up with a mini-version of what I was viewing so as to pinpoint a concern.

Here's the best bit. "Why are you reporting this street view?" Select one of the options and get an option list of items to; I picked Privacy Concerns - A face - I am reporting an image of a face that has not been blurred.

Next field "Please describe the problem:" um didn't I just do that? Obviously not as this is a required field. Now sure if I'd picked Other then you're going to need some extra information, but for this what else do you need to know? My response - "As already described above. Why after already asking me this are you forcing me to fill in this field?"