Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I know, I know; it's like a car-crash you just can't get over the horror of it yet must still watch. Watching the four recycled headlines scrolling across the bottom of the screen - Farryl is appearing with her all-time fastest selling classical album; Natasha Richardson still critical; Mortgages might be capped; Weather. Slow news day is it?

They did do a nice piece on over 50's who aren't comfortable with computers, yet dragged in Dr Hilary for the piece which was slightly bizarre as in their news blip they mentioned research from Oxford into obesity and you'd have thought it would be a nice piece to follow-up on seeing as they've got a doctor there with them.

Visiting their website briefly to find out more about this Oxford story I remember that they don't actually have a section devoted to news, the headlines at the time being Vote for the Top Model, Adult Learners, Jade Goody, Penny's hairstyles, and Weather - woo solid gritty hard-hitting stuff.

Trying the Today tab produced nothing extra so I thought I'd check the forum boards to see if it got mentioned there; oh they're down - marvellous.

Surely it would show up under Health nah don't be daft.

So I use Google and end up on the BBC news site which is perhaps where I should have started in the first place.

GMTV, feeding the nation what it's prepared to digest.