Monday, March 30, 2009

Crossley Park Road Junction

Good old Nigel Knowles has prompted a story about the damn stupid junction at Crossley Park. This is obviously designed as a local junction for local people to overuse a phrase. To put it simply unless you know the layout already you can't negotiate it. Don't take my word for it relative newcomer Jim has mentioned that his wife requires a reminder as to which lane to be in whenever they drive down there. Even I have to engage my brain to work out which lane I should be in dependant on where I'm heading.

Here's the junction in question. Let me guide you through it.

Heading clockwise from St Mary's Ringway (NE down to SW) If you want to visit Weaver's Wharf you stay in lane 1, until you reach the bottom when you split off left before the lights and wait at a Give Way. If you want to go to Bewdley or that area, you want lane 1 which goes straight on, same for Matalan except past the lights you split off to the left. If you want Franche you take lane 2 which also goes straight on but places you in the right hand only lane at the next island. If you want Crossley Retail park you want either lanes 3 or 4, which both turn right; except lane 3 is for the park itself because lane 4 puts you in the right-hand only lane at the island past the lights so as to turn into the supermarket.

Coming out of Weavers Wharf if you want to go to Bewdley, Franche or Matalan, you require lane 1 which splits into two lanes labelled straight and left except the second lane then tells you to get back into the first lane despite leading to two lanes past the lights. To get to Crossley Retail Park you require lane 2; to head back into town you require the right-hand turn lane 3; unless you're turning left at the next island in which case you want to stay in lane 2 and turn right from that one.

Coming from Bewdley, if you want to get to Crossley Retail Park you stay in lane 1 and split off left before the lights to a Give Way. If you want to go up to town you stay in lanes 1 or 2 depending on which way you're turning at the next island and go straight with a slight left bend. To get to Weavers Wharf you stay in lane 2 and split off into lane 3 and go straight across at the right-only labelled lane.

From Crossley Retail Park to get to town you split off from the main lanes into lane 1 which is left-hand turn only. To head to Weavers Wharf you use lane 2 and go straight ahead. To get to Bewdley or Matalan, you also use lane 2, but turn right; unless you want to get to Franche in which case you use lane 3 and also turn right.

See how can that in any way be called complicated?