Monday, March 30, 2009

Road fun in Kidderminster

They've removed the road surface around one of the islands and cones seem to have been let loose to breed prolifically. A three-way traffic light at the top of Coventry street certainly isn't helping due to both the bus services heading through to the bus stop (no place to turn around so no other option) and the traffic wanting to use the Bromsgrove Street car-park (no other entrance, despite there being two exits).

The Crossley Retail Park down the bottom wasn't fairing any better due to work continuing on Weavers Wharf opposite that blocked the middle lane, thus in turn blocking the left hand lane due to the bridge only being two lanes wide rather than three. This led to a queue stretching back from the island all the way back to the Range.

And on a personal note I still find both the Crossley car-park and the Sainsbury's car-park layouts to be moronic. Trawling around the Sainsbury's one looking for a space I ended up back at the exit/entrance island releasing that I couldn't 'officially' get back in unless I headed down to the main island and did a 360. As there was no traffic coming up, due to the island being blocked, I cut across two lanes to head back in. Coming out I had to use the island as I wanted to head further in and the alternative exit from the supermarket only allows you to turn left towards the same island, when I want to turn right.

Heading through the other car-park myself and other cars played dodge the traffic as all the queues were blocking up the main throughfares of the car-park. Fair enough it was unusual, but it does highlight poor design.