Monday, February 04, 2013

Twitter pics of Stourport

Had a trip down to the river at the weekend, took some photos and thought to tweet them. Six times in various ways and they would not go through. Bang all went through this morning. So wither a glitch at their end; or a glitch at mine. I'll try again later in similar circumstances and see what happens this time.


That's the fair in the background and the car-park underneath the water. This pretty much happens every single year.

This is the other side of the bridge. Given the lack of really heavy rainfall the water in the foreground in the paddling pool is coming up from the waste pipe. The middle 'pond' is the putting green and, again, this happens all the time. In the far distance is the Riverside Meadows currently the Riverside Swamp.
These are the current water works going on at Dunley Road scene of the 2-way to 3-way to 2-way traffic lights. Just to the right of the red traffic light and ambulance is a works van sitting there with yellow lights flashing as workers sit there controlling the lights. So they can afford to pay someone to sit there doing that, but not to do any actual road work and reduce the amount of time it's going on.