Monday, February 18, 2013

Still beating that dead horse

And don't the elitists just crawl out of the woodwork; how many seem to be popping up with thinly veiled comments that people who buy the cheap meat pretty much deserve what happened. The most hilarious was a small inside editorial/opinion piece in last week's "i" paper. According to the author we're all really only upset about this because it's horse meat; he then goes down the route of 'if dogs were as big as cows and cows were the size of digs we'd be tucking into dog and walking cows around on leads'.
Nothing to do with co-opting animal behavioural traits or shifts in food patterns; forget we used to eat all sorts of meat until the less trainable/useful animals became mass-bred; nope it's all to do with size and our obvious proletariat consciences. I'm not saying that hasn't played a big factor in the current scandal, but wow. According to that logic we don't eat chickens, or pigs; pheasant is also out as they're too small. Also that historically we've never eaten guinea pigs or song-birds in this country.

Better yet he then quotes, and agrees with, his vegan father that "meat is pretty bland" anyway and boy does that explain a lot. Beyond the obvious query of exactly where he's buying his meat and how he's cooking it this is the "meat is meat" grouping. Eat cow but not horse, but meat is meat; eat pig, but not dog, but meat is meat; eat chicken, but not human...

So the double whammy of hey why get concerned over eating horse when you're happy to eat cow (meat is meat) particularly when other countries and people (i.e. not insular Brit-abroad types like you, but open-minded people like me) are happy to eat it.

Because the proles don't' really care about things like health and safety they're more concerned with price and their own petty insular mores.