Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Gay marriage vote - wlll the real bigots please stand up.

Seriously is this some sort of test? 'No I don't think same-sex couples should be allowed to refer to their union as a marriage nor should they be allowed to have religious trappings at their ceremony' Um why not?

From the Shuttle we sadly learn that our very own MP is voting against this proposition because

"As a broad indication of the responses I have had - and I have had about 300 letters on this - those against equal marriages outnumber those in favour by about 100 to one"
He also happily gets into a muddle with
"I suspect that I share the views of many people across Wyre Forest on this subject. It is not something that people seem to be clamouring for. I have made no secret that this is something that I am broadly neutral on."
"While most people seem ambivalent about the issue of same sex marriage, those who do have an opinion feel passionately about it. They are very concerned about the implications."
In other words I should listen to the shouty people because they're shouty. You do realise how laws work in this country? They're negative, so you can do anything unless the law says you can't. So by continuing a negative law stating that such partnerships can't be called marriage etc. you're not being neutral; you're condoning the existing state.

Also the current poll shows a 61% to 31% in favour of legislation and the 300ish letters against represent 0.4% of the electorate. I don't think people are writing to you because they don't see the reason why you shouldn't vote for it; that in the interests of a fair and just society your position was expected to be a given.

Suddenly stating your voting preference on the day of the reading hardly gives anyone a chance to alter your mind. Where was your call to know the mind of the electorate? Where did you ask those who supported your "No" stance to write in to confirm your actions or ask those who disagreed to let you know.

But hey at least our MP is consistent in voting on our behalf. I mean when the district seemed to stand against the increase in VAT on static caravans with fears of the loss of jobs our MP stood firm by us and voted for it.

When our district seems to welcome UKIP and shows fears over greater EU integration our MP shares our fears and votes for greater EU integration.

When so many thought that AV would be a fairer system of voting for our representatives our MP stood firm by us and voted against it.

So when 0.4% of the electorate are against something and "most people seem ambivalent" our MP will side with that tiny proportion regardless of his own opinions just as he's demonstrated so many times before.

Of course if the simple fact that this is the right and just thing to do isn't enough; there's always an alternative.