Monday, September 24, 2012

One less Conservative on the council

It seems that Stephen Clee, who is the Conservative councillor for Bewdley and Arley and is currently chairman of Wyre Forest District Council as well as being the Worcestershire County Councillor for Chaddesley, is no longer a member of the Conservative Party. The exact phrase used here being "expelled".

So this is from the local Labour Party site; nothing on the Conservatives site, the Liberals, the Independent Health, or the Liberal Democrats. Neither the Wyre Forest District nor Worcestershire County council websites have updated the listing to reflect his new independent status. The Shuttle also has yet to produce a story on this.

I wonder if the peoples of Chaddesley, Bewdley and Arley know they're no longer being represented by a Conservative?

[Update - it seems the Shuttle has reported the story]