Tuesday, December 21, 2010

World facts and figures

A comment from the Patriot had me digging up my population spreadsheet form 2008; sadly I don't have ethnicity or POB on it, but it was interesting (for me at least) to look at once again.

In essence I have each country, the total land area, the total water area, the total population the breakdown into 0-14, 15-65, 65+ age bands and the median age for each. Some countries are blank, but not many all taken at the time from the CIA World Book.

So population density as I define as population/land area so the metric is measured as people/km². Of all the land masses in Europe over 100,000 km² the UK stands at #1 with a snip over 251; ignore that size proviso and we get beaten by several islands as well as Belgium and the Netherlands. Ignore Europe and let's just say I hope you like people if you visit Monaco (16,754; 32k people in under 2km² of land).

Median age and as mentioned this is split between three age groupings.

Want to be a teacher head to Uganda where 50% of the population are 14-; prefer the middle grouping head to the Northern Mariana Islands 79% of the population will greet you. After the wisdom of the old  - head to Monaco and mingle with 22% of the population... which given the population density you probably won't be able to avoid.

Sorting by each and examining the regions is interesting 0-14 you're going to Africa; 65+ and Europe is your stomping ground; 15-64... no real pattern

One other item I've pulled is median age difference. The way I've calculated this is with a positive figure the median age of men is greater than that of women; a negative figure the reverse. It's possible to conjecture that any such difference shows that one group lives longer than their peers (IOW of a group all born in the same year one sex will outlive another).

As expected from other data women tend to live longer than men of the 235 countries only 27 are positive. The largest negative difference is 6.9 that it women live around 7 years longer than men and that's in... Estonia.

The largest positive difference is the rather scary 14.2 over double that of Estonia and if you wish to visit this place head to Qatar; in fact just head to the Middle East which makes up the top 6. Draw your own conclusions from that as you wish.