Monday, December 20, 2010

Playstation Move calibration take 2

So having read the instruction and being in a position to do so; I calibrated the Move controller with the PS3 as I should have done in the beginning. Or at least I think I have.

Head to Accessory settings|Calibrate Motion Controller and you get some pictorial instructions - hold the controller like so.

Level pointing at the TV with your hand around the ball. Then move it counter clockwise 90 degrees, then upwards so it's pointing down, then around again again in two different directions. Other than the fact my wrist won't bend in those directions, halfway through the hand shown gripping the ball is removed. So do I remove my hand or has it been deleted for ease of instruction?

I tried it both ways and both times it happily stated it was calibrated so I still don't know.

Did it improve things? I beat the table tennis demo, "Tumble" was still a bit flakey, as was "Echochrome II". The problem lay with moving the controller in the plane parallel to the television i.e. left and right. It was if the screen had been projected outwards towards me so trying to reach bottom right for instance meant some serious stretching in that direction.

Again this should be simple - point to the middle of the screen (as Echochrome II asks you to) then point to the top left and now bottom right. The camera shows position, the controller feeds angles; from this every possible angle it makes should be relatable to the screen regardless of position. So if I hold it upwards and to my left but point it downwards the cursor should be bottom right.

Instead it's still a mess. In all fairness it may be my positioning, perhaps I'm too far away. However I do fit within the box sometimes shown on screen and my distance should have nothing to do with anything if it were calibrated as I think it should be. It will be interesting to see if any Move games take my approach and how much this improves (or not) the control.