Thursday, December 23, 2010

Assassin's Creed 2: Brotherhood Shop Quests

One other item that crops up in Assassin's Creed 2:Brotherhood (AC2:B) are shop quests. Some of those shops you've re-opened can often special products provided you find some special items. None of this has been explained up to the 3rd memory sequence; so it might get explained later when it's too late.

Why too late. Well when you manage to free yourself from the mission marathon, or even on the way round if you find you've time, you can loot treasure chests. Open them up and you get a number of florins and occasionally some item name will appear. "Oh", I thought. "Rather than just state a number of florins they've given it a name as an item so Ring of Whatsit 15f; what a nice touch"

Turns out those are actual items that you're lugging around presumably because you managed to save your Coin Purse of Holding from the previous game, though greatly reduced in contents, and are stuffing them in there.

Head to a shop and you find an extra menu option "Sell" oo extra cash let's go mad. Until you discover the shop quests that need these items and the fact that a) you can't buy them back and b) you can't re-loot the chests to get more of them. Nope it'll be guard killing time and random drops if you want more loot of that type.

So in the interests of easing the burden here's a quick guide.

Firstly shop quests can be found only at a store that appears with a square icon on the map. For an example check out the blacksmith closest to the safe house.

Next these are the items you need to keep until the quest is complete. There are no duplicates so once you've done the quest with the tomatoes for instance you'll never need them again (unless they're suddenly required in some mission, but I doubt that)

In alphabetical order

Aconite (2)
Ambergris (2)
Buddhist Prayer Beads (2)
Cardinals Purple Dye (5)
Elephant Ivory (3)
Indian Diamond (3)
Nutmeg (3)
Papaver Silvaticum (1)
Pomander (2)
Silk (8)
Shrunken Heads (2)
Terracotta Pot (2)
Tomatoes (5)
Totem (2)
Vlad the Impaler Coins (7)

If it's not on the list (e.g. Wool) or you have more than the number shown feel free to sell them and pocket the cash.