Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Slingfield Mill

Not one I've really blogged about before with Tav taking up those reins, but as he seems to be on hiatus at the moment I feel it prudent to point out the latest modification to this building.

The argument against was that the delightful fa├žade of this building was being removed in order to slot in two greenhouses on either side. The argument for was that you couldn't see them originally anyway (until the buildings were removed) and that the glass frontage would still allow you to appreciate the building. Now they want to make it wider and obscure a part of it to put in changing rooms.

Hmm yes this pdf'ed mockup sure demonstrates that everything can still be appreciated.

Favourite quote from the other supporting documentation "The glass extensions will be treated slightly differently to reflect the modern contemporary feel which contrast the original building but still sympathises and blends with the original structure"

Um so it contrasts and blends? It's a miracle!