Friday, November 30, 2007

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Again another comment that requires greater space this time from Don (heh title going in circles)

If there is not a Pelican crossing no pedestrian will be able to get across Mitton Street at all.
They can cross at either of the two dedicated points at each end of Mitton Street, traffic permitting. From the Tesco point of view it's not their problem. They've provided a link from Pinta Drive and for people to get across Severn Road safely, that's all they have to do.
If there is no air quality assessment report for Mitton Street and the effect of the additional traffic on Gilgal and Mitton Street I would say that Tescos Environmental Report has not addressed a major issue and therefore the submission is still defective and should be rejected by the planning committee on those grounds alone.
The AQA for the previous application did deal with Mitton Street and I've just checked they're using the same report for the new proposal here

"The predicted concentrations indicate that the effect of the development on local air quality is negligible and therefore a low priority consideration."

The environmental report is here oh and their numbering system is wrong add 4 for absolute pages or 3 to their own page numbers.

The Noise section is on page 92 (really 96 or 95) no measurements were taken on Mitton Street at all so you may be on to something here after all there are houses on Mitton Street too though they have 'estimated' levels.

With regard to Discovery Way "In these circumstances the superstore delivery vehicles would constitute a new noise source and represent a significant change in the noise climate. However, delivery vehicles to the proposed superstore are expected to constitute a relatively small proportion of the total HGV traffic along this road." and regarding customer cars for the same location "As in the case of HGV movements only a small proportion of these additional vehicles will be visiting the development, most are the result of the presence of the link road."

In other words they're saying there will be a change in noise, but we're not expecting many of our HGV's to be using it, likewise we're not expecting a large amount of our cars to be using it. If other cars use the link for purposes other then visiting our "development" that's not our concern. In case that wasn't clear "The vast majority of additional traffic on both Severn Road and Discovery Way is not attributable to customers visiting the new superstore." Nothing to do with us guv' 'sup to the council to stop other people using it.

The overall assessment on traffic was that in the already noisy areas you wouldn't notice much difference, but in the currently quieter areas you probably would. Makes you wonder how much they paid for this report.

Just to make this clear all the data here is identical to the data presented in the previous application down to the car-park noise assessment carried out in Hampshire.

Oh and just for fun the AQA is repeated in this document too.

I'm still ploughing through it.


Anonymous said...

I posted in the other thread and im glad you are taking what i said into a bigger article.

If they get their way (tescos) they will not only kill the centre of town because people will NOT walk to and throw from their supermarket into town,i mean why should they if they can get everything under one roof.

The plans show a petrol station as well for the site something that has a lot of Severn Road residents incredably worried about,hence the item for a road over the Stour to attempt to put in access for the hgvs and petrol lorries to at least keep away from Mitton Street ( the road for that would have come in over the Stour further down closer to where the new houses will be most likely put up)But tescos representives said they couldnt afford (what a sick joke) to put up a traffic bridge.

We dont NEED a tescos in Stourport,theres nothing really stopping people from going to Kidderminster or just doing thier shopping in Stourport.Hell they can even use the internet and order online.

Thing is that the councils want tescos to foot a large proportion of the bill for the so called relief road which will go no-where for another 20 years.To a non-exsistant bridge.

The Conservatives already sold the people out in Lichfield Street with a monstrous development behind them,what the hell do they care about the people of Severn Road or Discovery either.

They dont,im sorry but this is how i feel with regards to them.As many in the town feel, tottally let down and frustrated when they go on about asking ppl for input,whats the bloody point they only ignore the people.

If they really support the people then give it to a PUBLIC vote.Im sure for the sake of a 4 mile trip to the BIGGER tesco store, total town gridlock is a thing WORTH AVOIDING.

This town already has suffered the worst summer and now winter for a long long time.With the bridge works and all the roads constantly being dug up shop keepers are down a LOT from last year.Dont make it any worse on them by taking even more trade away from the centre of town.