Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ye Olde Crown Inn

I dislike naming names, far too often a one-off occasion is quoted and the company spited, but this is taking the biscuit. I've mentioned the work a few times now that's going on at the bridge and how supposedly the police are clearing parked vehicles away at the busy periods; so what does this pub do, only has its deliveries between 5 and 6pm on the weekdays and it's been doing this for several weeks since the lights went up.

Now this wouldn't be so bad if it was further up town, but it's at the entrance to the bridge and I mean first-building-as-you-come-off-it next to the bridge and that means it directly affects the traffic building up at the lights. Here we go -

The black line indicates the bridge wall, the white blocks are where "Keep Clear" markings have been recently painted, the pub is the brown building next to them. The problem is the wagon parks directly between the two blocks, offset against the road, but still partially on the road and partially covering the two "Keep Clear" signs. Now prior to the signs being painted this was legal, there are no parking restrictions in force along this small stretch of the road, as it forms part of a junction. Nor for some reason has the council seen fit to add junction markings; the road is bare (and incidentally fun to drive down on a wet and dark night as the markings suddenly vanish and you drive into a brick wall which has no reflector on its end)

So for almost every weekday night a large lorry is parked here, vehicles cannot turn down either of the junctions and stop; and the queuing vehicles are forced slightly over to the other side of the road, making it difficult for larger oncoming vehicles to get past. Oddly I'm not expecting to see it tonight, this was the day that we traditionally had the traffic warden patrolling. It's amazing how few deliveries any of the shops in town have on a Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Well thanks for your view on these issues however i can tell you that this pub has been having deliveres like this for years not just weeks. More to the point the delivery is Mon, Wed and Fri only. so may be you should get your facts right before you throw your toys out the pram

FlipC said...

So my "for almost every weekday night" cannot be equated to your "Mon, Wed, and Fri"? Darn it if they only had one more delivery it'd 4/5 instead of my meagre 3/5.

I'd also like to point out that the shiny bollards that are in place outside the pub weren't there and thus prior to their installation allowed the delivery vehicles to park completely off the highway making your "deliveres like this for years" a redundant argument.

As a final note I'd ask you to check the date on this entry and note that this was around the time that all the bridge work started meaning everyone around that area knew they'd be disruption and yet during the evening rush here was a delivery lorry blocking the way.