Monday, February 13, 2012

The new telephone system

I thought it had all been done, the system had been installed and everything seemed to be working. I came in this morning and checked everything and all was A-OK - except DaBosses remote extension seemed to be permanently off the hook.

Time passed and it didn't change. Perhaps one of the kids has been messing around? Time passed and no incoming calls. Odd. I tried the phone and just got nothing. Tried again and a da-da-da tone. I wasn't even trying to get an outside line.

I called our provider from my mobile. They checked the line; except they couldn't as they don't provide it. We tried the switch-off switch-on of the main switchboard with no success.

"It could be the lines" she said
"Except I can't call internal extensions either" I replied.

Seeking extra help she'd call me back. In the meantime I dug out the spare separate phone in case of power failure and plugged it into the main socket. No problem; I called my mobile and my mobile called it.

Post consultation I'm now expecting an engineer visit - what fun.