Thursday, February 02, 2012

Slow Internet

Sporadic internet connection this morning - it's been a little off for a few days now. I checked around just to make sure it's not just us and others have been in the same boat.

Given that these are several different connections with several different service providers all having similar problems it suggests something at the exchange level; so I called BT.

Excellent they can't do anything as we're not a BT customer we all have to ring our individual line providers/ISPs

The weird thing is how specific it is - Blogger is slow, but obviously working. The Shuttle site is a little sluggish; Orange isn't there at all. Transmission seems to be normal it's the receiving end.

Now I know that BT are working in the area to upgrade the systems to Infinity, but it would be nice if they could tell us this and that this was the cause of the rate drops.

[Update - spoke to our ISP and they tell me there's a national fault that's affecting everyone but they don't know the cause. They'll call me back once they do. Odd that it doesn't appear on the news sites though]

[Update 2 - Turns out that national means national for that ISP in other words it's everyone using PlusNet due to a "problem that has arisen during maintenance of our traffic management platform"]


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