Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The end to the office saga?

Huzzah the software has been installed shame it doesn't work correctly.

The good news is that numbers can now be dialled from the computer either from direct typing, Outlook contacts or from a webpage and the internal messaging system works.

The bad news is that it dialling from Outlook means the dialler won't hang up.

The bad news is that the webpage/Internet dialling only seems to be compatible with IE7 and only occasionally highlights numbers.

The bad news is that to inform the dialler which extension you're currently on means digging through the phone settings in Control Panel; fine for a fixed computer, not so good for a laptop that can be moved between offices.

The bad news is that the database isn't compatible with iCloud so all the entries have to be imported using a CSV.

The bad news is that the database only has two fields; so if you have a person's work number; home number and mobile number that means three separate entries.

As a bonus it seems that setting an extension to Do Not Disturb for external calls only (so it will only ring for internal calls) means it's impossible to transfer a call to that extension from another extension. The only way around that is to take them out of the incoming group altogether which is a system change.

So yeah working well.