Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Outlook and Exchange

Remind me never to do that again. Just tried to set up an Exchange Account on Outlook with minimal information on a system where there's already a default POP3 account in place.

First of all the delightful bit that although it's possible to tell Outlook to set-up such an account one cannot be done while Outlook is open. So why give me the damn option?

So anyway chastened I scurried to Mail in the Control Panel; added in the information I had and hit Resolve and was told that the name couldn't be resolved unless Outlook was "active"; oh gee thanks for that. Seems the information was wrong.

So I cancelled out; fired Outlook back up and up popped a balloon telling me that send/receive wasn't working as there was no default store. "Huh?" The store was there and happily populated. Checked the accounts and everything was pointed in the right direction except... the default store was no longer the default store. Hit the default button; waited; closed Outlook; re-opened it and everything was fine.

In other words despite cancelling out of the creation of an account Outlook went ahead and started to set one up anyway and didn't bother to change the settings back. Delightful!