Monday, February 27, 2012

More Mitton Street roadworks

Or maybe not seeing as someone's blocked off the left-hand lane of Mitton Street from its junction with Worcester Road all the way up to Lion Hill (leaving enough room for ingress and egress and gaps for access to frontages) without apparently doing any work.

Worse yet not only could I not see any notices as to who was carrying out the work (with emergency contact numbers) but on the approach from Gilgal two signs have been placed either side that completely obstruct the footway with no accommodation made to get around them.

It does seem petty to have to keep pointing out these things, but those whose job it is to monitor these things can't be anywhere and I feel that roadwork crews have been getting away with lax adherence to the rules for too long. As such it's something we the public have to keep on top of.

[Update 28/2 - Still there last night with no work being done; still there this morning. If there's still no work being done they're obstructing the public highway which is a criminal offence and a matter for the police]

[Update - The council have been assured by the contractors that there is work going on now which of makes one question why these restrictions were put up yesterday. I've also pointed out that they're pushing vehicles into the right-hand lane too soon and that the lane-ahead closed sign on Gilgal is nonsensical because their left-hand lane (to the island) isn't closed]

[Update 29/2 -At long last some work was being done - one of the residents was taking the opportunity of the lane closure to paint their fence. As for the reason for the lane closure - the road was still unblemished leaving no reason why vehicles couldn't use it. I did note this morning that one of the roadwork signs in Gilgal has been removed and the other shifted to allow pedestrian access; the incorrect lane closure signs are still up though.]

[Update - Two days and they've just started doing something that justifies having shut the lane down - pathetic]