Friday, February 17, 2012

The new puffin crossings for Tesco

Not withstanding the confusing Public Notice which they've acknowledged and had spotted; the question arose as to exactly why they were shutting down all four arms sequentially when crossings were only going up on three? Also that the Order for the crossings themselves referred to Lower Mitton Street which doesn't exist.

In the first instance they'll be doing kerbing work on the fourth section hence a need for the temporary closure; however the the Lower Mitton Street produced something interesting.

Apparently there are only going to be three crossings rather than four due to access to a Scout Hut; now I can only assume they mean the vehicle entrance to the old TA headquarters which does indeed sit right on that corner. Except that corner is the one people need to be able to reach in order to get to Tesco. In others words using the crossings will result you being on the wrong side of Mitton Street to reach Tesco which calls into question why the heck these crossings are being added in the first place.

Sadly the guy with the knowledge won't be in until Monday; so I'll expect a call then.