Monday, February 13, 2012

Misfits from E4

I've had a marathon session of all three series of E4's Misfits. The first two were fun; the third not so much. Sadly one of the main characters decided to leave; so the production had a choice. Leave him out; replace the character with another actor and produce some in-world reason for the change in appearance; or bring in a completely new character.

Sadly they went for a mix of the second and third options by bringing in a new character fulfilling almost the exact same role as the previous one. Brought nothing really new and just emphasised how much better the previous actor was in that particular role.

Also although able to suppress the knowledge of goofs and plotholes simply to enjoy the entertainment one such event in series 2 couldn't leave me alone due it being brought up time and time again in the "Previously" section to explain Simon and Alisha's current situation. For those who've seen the series the following should makes sense; for those who haven't there's little spoiler information:

Simon finds Alisha with The Photo, but this occurs during the Milk Man incident that never gets to happen.

So as this never happened it can't be used to explain their current situation; yet it is time and time again. Just so irritating for a relatively consistent show.

Not going to stop me from watching it again though; good series, but I think a fourth would be pushing it due to the necessary changes that occur at the end of the third.