Friday, February 03, 2012

Hidden discrimination

It was with some disgust that I read the latest piece in the Shuttle regarding the ongoing Gypsy/Traveller/Travelling Showperson site placement. Thanks to the public decision making process we've been left with sites that have received the least complaints and surprise surprise they're all going to end up on the Sandy Lane Industrial Estate in Stourport next to all the existing ones.

So is that the reason for my disgust? No. It's the news that due to this efforts are being taken that should the need arise for new sites Stourport will be exempted.

Yes it has been deemed that Stourport has already taken on more than its fair share of this burden and it's only right that this unpleasantness is shared around the other areas of the district.

Excellent work people. What a perfect way to reinforce the existing idea that locating sites for the GTTS community is some sort of nasty little problem that just won't go away, but still has to be dealt with whether we want to or not.

What a neat method of hiding bigotry by using sort of imaginary quota  to determine when it's some other area's turn to have to deal with this problem.

How delightful to keep the cycle running by leaving the final decision to politicians who have to be concerned with being re-elected by an electorate who make their voices heard in a chorus of "Anywhere but here!".