Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Road orders

I've already mentioned the speed limit changes on Minster Road, however travelling along it the other day (still noting the incorrect "road narrows on the left" signs) I spotted something new.

As you come off the dual-carriageway it switches to a 30mph zone; due to this major speed change white on green informational signs have been erected at 300, 200, and 100 yard intervals; these aren't new. What has changed is that for some reason the right-hand 300 yard sign has been partially altered. It still features three white ticks on green, but instead of a white 30mph in a white circle on green a standard red circled, black 30mph on white has covered it over.

So what? Well a red circled speed limit is mandatory and applies from the point it is marked. Technically speaking therefore the 30mph zone now starts 300 yards further out than expected.

At times I do wonder if those who fit these signs have any idea what they're doing.