Thursday, July 28, 2011

The joke that is the Millfield Estate

So the last thing heard regarding the Millfields Estate was that each of the three builders would be doing their own work, doffing their cap at completion and handing over to the next contractor in turn. The good news is that the first builder's (Taylor Wimpey) contractor has finished and cleared off site leaving a delightful stretch of finished work on both road and pavement.

Are you waiting for the punchline? Oh good. Turns out that when the builder came to inspect and put their seal of approval on the work they stated that 60-70% of the surface used sub-standard material. So all those areas now have to be dug up again and resurfaced.

Now as none of the contractors are allowed to be on the same site at the same time (perhaps they're time travellers and we can't risk them meeting) this might set back all the other works that have been planned.

Ah but it gets more amusing. Allegedly it turns out the next builder won't start work until they've taken core samples of the road in their 'patch' which will take a week to process and they won't start that until the previous contractors have gone in case their work affects that road. Which could be considered fair if the two areas adjoined or the contractors had to use those roads... apparently they don't, and they don't.