Monday, July 11, 2011

The new and improved Lidl

On Saturday as I was driving past it anyway I poked my head (and the rest of me) into the revamped Lidl. The car-park has been relaid, but could do with some directional arrows. Being small it's not too much of a problem, but it's a bit of a free-for-all.

As before there are no baskets, presumably because they can't be locked down, so if you want anything more than a handful needs must to slot in a pound coin and take a trolley. Is it just me or are they damn heavy? It's like manoeuvring a pallet truck around.

Once inside the differences, though small, shine through. The same number of shelves, but the aisles are much wider so that minor claustrophobic touch is gone; the tills are also new and much less shabby and in a nice touch there's a shelf running along the back wall behind the tills so you can pack there instead of at the till.

The prices, when you can find them, vary with some items being around the same as the Co-op but some being far far less. The question, of course, is one of quality is that 30p pack of Custard Creams as good as the 60p Morrison's own brand. Hmm not quite as flavoursome, but by no means unpleasant. Picked up a jar of Pasta sauce for 17p! That's one that I'll be trying tonight.

The one problem, which affects all such stores, is selection. If you want Beef or Chicken savoury rice that's fine, if you want Golden tough; in the same fashion I didn't pick up the Ice Cream Sundies (as they'd have melted) and when I returned on Sunday they'd sold out.

The advantage though is that this is so close to the Co-op a question of crossing the road and going over the bridge so that price comparison is easy; check the prices in one store then head over and buy everything that's cheaper in the next then return. It means more time shopping and more travel, but even for the terminally lazy or those through age or infirmity that require the use of a vehicle the distance is pitiful.

Well worth a browse.