Thursday, July 07, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Final Boss Fight

As I said before it appears that the developers of Duke Nukem Forever took all the worst aspects of other games and combined them; this is clearly demonstrated in the final Boss battle.

1 - Remove any pick-ups that the player may have retained - no beer, steroids or Holoduke for you.
2 - Remove all  weapons from the character except the default one.
3 - Ensure the Boss is immune to damage from the default weapon
4 - Given the advice from the loading screen tips that when your Ego (Shield) is low the player should take cover, ensure there is no cover.
5 - Given no cover the only method of survival is circle-strafing. As such ensure that the surface is cracked and that the player can get stuck in or on them.
6 - Take control away from the player at the end of QTEs and have them stand in front of the boss as he recovers so they can be hit again almost instantly.
7 - If the player can take damage during the 'knocked over and getting back up' animation allow the Boss to perform two moves in succession that allows it to a) knock over the player and b) move swiftly to the player location to hit them again
8 - If success means being able to reach a certain location ensure that the Boss can get stuck on that location.
9 - If defeating the Boss means whittling down their health bar three times and having to reach them in time to perform a QTE lest their health regenerate ensure that there's only a save checkpoint at the beginning of the fight and not between each 'section'.
10 - If defeating the Boss means firing explosives at it then ensure that the Boss has an attack that can throw the bodies of any other defeated enemies into the air directly in front of the player so that they can blow themselves up. For good measure add in teleporting enemies who can do likewise.

After multiple attempts I did finally beat the boss, but it's a serious case of using strategy never demonstrated at any other point in the game.

How I did it:

Do not bother using your M611 on the Boss.
Avoid the cracks in the flaw by jumping as you move around.

PigCops will be dropped in by ship kill them to get their RPGs.
Only shoot the Boss when the RPG has locked on.
At "Come Get Some" difficulty the PigCops require two hits from the RPG to kill. It can be worth holding back two shots for them while your alternative weapon is the M611.
The amount of ammo in the dropped RPGs is equal to 5 minus any shots fired, resetting to 5 on empty; keeping count means getting the most.
Likewise don't pick up two RPGs in succession as you can only hold a maximum ammo count of 5.
While doing all this the Boss will be trying to kill you. He has three main attacks - normally he'll fire missiles, if he raises his arms he's about to unleash a floor hugging electricity ball at you; if he steps back he's about to charge at you. Don't get too close either as he can also just hit you.

Once his health is flashing red, you need to reach him and activate the QTE. Once you regain control RUN!

In the second phase as well as PigCops with RPGS, Jetpackers with AT Captain Lasers and Enforcer Guns will also drop in. The Enforcer can substitute for the RPG, the Laser makes a good substitute for the M611.

Hit the Jetpackers with missiles they can really whittle down your health if you don't take care of them.
The Boss now fires two electricity balls in succession and has a targeting laser that when it stops will drop a high-damage missile onto that area.

Again once his health is flashing red, you need to reach him and activate the QTE. Once you regain control RUN!

In the third phase continue as in the second, however an EDF drop ship will finally drop a container with a Devastator and an ammo crate.
The number of enemies will increase, take care of the teleporters and jetpackers first then keep hammering the Boss.
Luck/Unluck will see the Boss getting stuck behind the container. This means his missiles become useless, but that you have to brave getting close enough to restock your ammo.

Again once his health is flashing red, you need to reach him and activate the QTE. All other enemies disappear and you've only one small task left - run after the dropship and grab on.