Monday, July 18, 2011

DLC registration coding error

I picked up another game going cheap at the weekend; came with some DLC and an offer to register at the publishers web site. 'Just register and type in the code as shown' the piece of paper stated. So while on the PS3 I opened up their site; registered, acknowledged the email and then found the area in which I was supposed to enter the code.

There are apparently two different code formats. The first is "8 letters + 4 digits", the second "6 letters + 3 digits + 6 letters + 3 digits". Beneath this is the input text box; by default the first option. My code is of the second variety so I toggle the option over and the input boxes stay the same.

Yup the page uses javascript that the crappy Playstation 3 browser won't process to change the options over. So this publisher has produced a code for a console that console-only owners can't use; nice.

Being the sort of person I am I thought they might like to be informed of this so I headed to support; checked the FAQs and, finding nothing, clicked on contact.

Pick the correct category and sub-category for the query and then:

Please enter a brief explanation of the inquiry.
Example: Teach me how the controls work
Okay I can do that except the label for this input box is "Contact Details". Next page and it wants me to tell them my query, but first I need to enter my Log in name you know the one I'm currently logged in under. Then the email associated with that account; then enter it again just to make sure. Then pick and answer the security question I used to create the account. Then enter an alternative email address and re-type that too. Finally I get to type in my query. Oh and try doing all that using the on-screen keyboard.

Anyone might get the impression that they don't want to answer any questions?

Anyway I hit next and it gives me a ticket number "Please be sure to have your ticket number ready when you are contacting the Support Centre for assistance." fair enough but here's a thought - seeing as I typed in two email addresses twice perhaps you could also email it to me?

[Update - They did said me my ticket number in the end though it was mashed up with other text as part of the subject heading, nothing yet on the problem itself  though.]

[Update - A solution came through I'll present it as a hoary old joke-

Patient: Doctor, Doctor I can't register my PS3 game online using a PS3.
Doctor: Well use a computer instead.


Orphi said...

Reading your blog makes me want to look up where these people live, and go over there to hit them repeatedly with a clue-stick.

Or maybe a piece of 2x4.

Perhaps it all stems from unresolved issues with my mother? I'm sure Freud would say so anyway...

FlipC said...

Sod Freud; I want to smack them one too. It just boggles my mind that a publisher that makes games for a web-enabled console and invites their customers onto their site doesn't check to see whether it works or not via the console.