Thursday, July 07, 2011

Alice: Madness Returns

I enjoyed the original American McGee's Alice back on the PC, but was unsure about this remake particularly with most of the reviews I'd read saying how poor it was.

The good news was that while flicking through the PSN I spotted the original available for download at £7.99; hmm a touch pricey for something you could probably pick up for the PC for a couple of quid. Looking closer however was the caveat "Requires Alice: Madness Returns".

So I need to purchase the sequel in order to purchase the original; thanks. The oddity was that I was sure some reviews mentioned that the original came bundled with the sequel; if that was the case then this caveat made no sense.

I checked in with Amazon £29.07 no bundle; Game £21.99 no bundle; Gamestation £24.99 no bundle; SendIt £21.89 no bundle; Play £26.99 no b... wait a second "(With Bonus "American McGee's Alice" Download)". Adding the cost of the download to the raw price Play is still cheaper huh go figure. Better yet as the code doesn't expire until 2021 if I do decide I want it I can wait for it to drop in price first so long as Play have it stocked.

[Update - now Amazon £34.21, Game £34.99, Gamestation £34.99, SendIt £37.91, and Play £39.99. So a game with meh reviews has now increased in price?]