Wednesday, April 06, 2011

BBC Radio 6 2011 Advert music

Again with the failure that as far as I know has only been handled correctly by Channel 4's Misfits; the BBC have a new advert out for Radio 6 featuring their hosts moving speakers about as they play music. Now try to discover what they're actually playing.

From the comments and elsewhere we get:

Jarvis Cocker - I'll Take Care of U by Gill Scott-Heron & Jamie xx
Lauren Laverne - You've got the Love by Florence and the Machine
Steve Lamacq - Connection by Elastica
Cerys Matthews - ?
Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie -Neat Little Rows by Elbow (thank you Chris G)
Huey Morgan -One Nation Under a Groove by Funkadelic

Bigger laugh is that this is supposedly also promoting their exclusive mixes that can be found here. No it doesn't tell you what they're mixing there either.

Anyway if you can fill in the gaps; I'm sure someone out there would appreciate it.


. said...
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Chris G said...

Radcliffe and Maconie's song is 'Neat Little Rows' by Elbow

FlipC said...

Thanks; just the one left.

LT said...

Just to be picky - I think the You've got the love version is actually the original?
Not sure.
Prefer the original anyway!

FlipC said...

Having listened to Florence, Candi, and Joss the cadence still says Florence to me.

But I accept there's not quite enough to nail it down definitively.