Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Losing folders in Outlook

While failing to sort out the mess that MobileMe has made to the calendars I noted that one of the systems seemed to be missing the Drafts folder. Oddly although created items were being saved on command Outlook allowed a new folder called drafts to be created. Of course this 'Drafts' folder wasn't the "Drafts" folder so it wasn't accepting the saved items.

A quick search and I discovered them under a folder called Lost and Found as "Recovered Folder nnnnn". You can't move it, you can't rename it because it's the Drafts folder.

Luckily How to Outlook came to the rescue and I used the /resetfolders switch. Drafts reappeared and I copied the contents from the recovered folder to it then ran a test which worked fine. Just a PITA how the hell would someone without any specialised knowledge work this out?