Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cate or Kate

No I really don't want to do anything about the wedding, but it is bloody ubiquitous and driving me mad - it's "Catherine Middleton" therefore the diminutive should be "Cate" not "Kate". Sure it's a Greek derivative that originally started with a Kappa, but I doubt many at the tabloids knew that.

Other than the desire to shunt her name to one syllable and thus make it easier to fit into headlines, are they worried that if they called her Cate we'd get all confused and think William is marrying Catherine "Cate" Blanchett?

Nevertheless despite the fact that she herself has asked to be referred to as Catherine and that no-one in her close circle apparently calls her Kate or even Cate; the media have not only foisted this upon her but had the discourtesy of spelling it incorrectly too.Charming.