Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Parish elections 2011

The four years is up so those parishes that held elections in 2007 are up for re-election; or perhaps not.

In 2010 I made note that there were some parishes not holding an election because the number of candidates matched the number of seats. The same has happened again as the Shuttle shows.

The unopposed list for 2011 is as follows: Broome, Churchill, Cookley.

The unopposed list for 2007 was: Broome, Churchill, Wolverley.

Of the seven seats in Broome, five will  be retained by the previous incumbents (Don, David, David, Neal, and Nicola); of the three seats in Churchill, two will be retained by the previous incumbents (Pauline and Brian) and of the seven seats in Cookley four will be retained (Dean, Joanne,Carole, and Christopher) with one (Barry) automatically getting a seat after failing in the previous election.

So that's 17 seats in total with 11 incumbents with no election.