Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Around Stourport

Totally non-related stuff that's cropped up around town.

I've mentioned the speed warning sign on the way down Gilgal; seems to be 'broken' now.

The Riverside Amusement Fair, that I still want to just refer to as Shipley's, has a new sign above their old sign welcoming people to the Stourport Market. Que?

The now empty Lloyds Garage in Bridge Street has acquired a shiny new sign complete with artists impression of how it's all going to look - rather minimalist and pastelly by the seem of things :-)

The Esso petrol has caught up with Total at a price of £1.359/litre that's £6.18/gallon for those who prefer that or $8.51/US gallon to make any American readers splutter in disbelief.

Still no real sign of anything happening with Tesco, nor with the big piles o'stuff currently boarded off at the old Shell site on Vale Road.

Allcock's on York Street whose been doing up his street front and blocking one lane whilst doing so now has a bait shop next to it.

Oh and it's definitely Cycles and Skates that opened up in Bridge Street.